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FRES 2.9
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Precompiled 2.9


Computer Program FRESCO

FRESCO Version FRES 3.1

The FRES  3.1 version of Fresco is the one based on the FRES 2.9 version that was developed in 2006 for public distribution. It compiles more easily on a range of computers.

This version has the following modifications:

  1. The parameter PLANE is now implemented
  2. Potentials of SHAPE=30 are a central potential proportional to L(L+1)
  3. Data sets of SFRESCO searching may also specify local values for  pel, exl, labe, lin, and lex
  4. For overlaps:
    1. RSMIN, if set, defines a radius below which the wave functions are set to zero. RSMAX similarly defines an upper radius.
    2. RSALPHA, if set, rescales the wave functions by exp(- RSALPHA*r).
    3. NLAG, if set, use a Lagrange mesh to find bound states with NLAG basis functions.
    4. PHASE, if set, to find a potential to give phase shift of PHASE degrees at energy -BE for bins. Requires NLAG > 0. The revised potential is saved for further bins, just as with ISC<0 for bound states.
  5. Other minor bug-fixes and improvements.